Nguvu ya Uhuru

The Power of Freedom


Karibu kwa Ngubu ya Uhuru. Welcome to The Power of Freedom. You have found inexpensive hosting for your websites, 100% powered by free open source software. This is full software freedom including the Ubuntu Linux operating system, Apache web server, Mariadb databases, Exim and Dovecot mail, Roundcube and Rainloop webmail, and the beautiful Hestia control panel to manage it all. All this software freedom is bundled into a simple $20/year package. You are free to install anything you like on your websites and write about anything you like, but spamming or abuse of the services is not permitted.

This service is powered by Kyle. You can start service by contacting him at his free2 dot ml email. Direct payment options are in the works, as is a more automated system of activating accounts, though human interaction is preferred.